Russian Stunt Lady Known as “The Sexiest Motorcyclist” Dies At High Speed Crash!

Russian Stunt Lady Known as “The Sexiest Motorcyclist” Dies At High Speed Crash!

Russian Stunt Lady Known as The Sexiest Motorcyclist Dies 2

This lady gained a great reputation as “The Sexiest Motorcyclist” on Instagram with her risque stunt riding style and outfit. As you may know she has posted many stunting videos on her Instagram profile and they became viral instantly. Her real name was Olga Pronina, but she was well know as “Monika” on Instagram and all the biker’s and automotive’s world.

Monika has accumulated more than 180k followers on Instagram and the most famous were her modeling videos & photos on different motorcycles. She was also posting different videos showing her riding her motorbikes over 160MPH trough the traffic and even without wearing special protection.

Maybe one of hers most famous videos is where she is showing off riding a motorcycle trough traffic and on the highway while drinking coffee all the time.

However, 40-year old lady died in a horror crash in the city of Vladivostok in Russia while she was riding a BMW S1000 RR on the highway in the evening. She actually struck in the middle of the guardrail and the force of the crash sent the motorbike’s rear wheel 2000 feet away from the crash.

Her death was incredibly tragic and all the bikers around the world are sending their deepest condolences. Her friends and family members are still looking for the camera that was attached on her motorcycle.

So, what do you think about Monika and her bike riding style? Do you approve this kind of behavior in the traffic and on the highway?

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Check out the video about the Russian Stunt Lady for more details!