Rude Driver Experiences Instant Karma After Overtaking on Solid White Line!

You`ve probably heard this before. You are sitting stuck in a heavy traffic jam on the highway because of construction lane closures for example. However, some idiot motorist decided to cut in the empty lane that`s next to you just to pull over at the front where a line of vehicles try to merge in. This can get pretty infuriating, right? This is one of those instances where you think, “If only a Police Officer was around to pull this driver over.” That’s why this rude driver definitely got what he deserved.

Rude Driver Instant Karma 2

Namely, in this case, we can enjoy some karma happening to a rude driver who decided to do the aforementioned only to be pulled over by a State Trooper. This satisfying situation happened back in February. This unidentified rude driver was driving near Harford when vehicles began to stack up before an exit lane. However, without one care in the entire world, this driver decided to fly past the other motorists and crossed a solid white line in order to do this where the highway and the exit forked, then he just sneaked back into the traffic like nothing happened.

However, this is where the satisfying karma struck. After enraging countless motorists, this driver missed the police cruiser ahead of him which had its lights on. The State Trooper immediately pulled over, and gestured to the driver to stop next to her. The driver looked stunned for his inappropriate behavior the motorist stopped next to the angry trooper. This is when the video ends. This driver will now think hard before cutting a solid white line again.

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