This Royal Car Collection Has Absolutely Everything!

If you could have anything, what would you pick? Well, this guy Moe al Thani decided he wanted a royal car collection and he got it. In this collection there is pretty much everything, but there are a few notable pieces that I`d like to single out – first, of course, is the tiny little vintage BMW that they show. It`s made for two very uncomfortable people and its door opens at the front.

Royal Car Collection 2

Also, there is a Maybach in this collection, as well as a bunch of American muscle cars and even a whole section of American motorbikes of all makes! Also, there are a few rows of Mercedes Benz vehicles, some jeeps and even some trucks. It`s true, this place has absolute everything when it comes to stuff with wheels.

Anyway, after checking out the insane royal car collection, the guy recording this video goes to check out the other methods of transportation that this rich Qatari sheikh has at his disposal, and he is not disappointed! As soon as leaving the grand hall of vehicles, he comes upon some people riding a mini pony. Then they go to the stables and see all the not-so-mini ponies, i.e. horses. The guy tries to feed a carrot to a horse but the animal takes his entire carrot – talk about expensive fuel! Expense is nothing when you`re that rich though, and especially if you`re a Qatari sheikh! Anyway, if you want to see this royal car collection, check out the video – it`s a collection like you`ve never seen before.

Finally, what are the favorite cars of the UK Royals?