Robotic Parking by Stanley Robotics! This Could Take The STRESS Out Of PARKING!

Robotic Parking by Stanley Robotics 2

Robotic Parking!? As you can see on the video below the system provides a giant robot called “STAN” that will park your car. It clamps the wheels and lifts the car from the entrance of the parking, than it pushes & pulls the car till the free parking space.

The robot doesn’t loose time to look for the free parking spaces, it just heads directly to free spot trough the shortest trajectory available in its operating system.

The robot is created by the French startup “Stanley Robotics” and the system is already being used at the Charles De Gaulle airport in Paris, France. As you know it is very expensive to leave your car at the airport for e longer period.

Airport parking has became one of the most profitable businesses and this company plans to take an advantage of the need for airport parking.

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