Robert Marjan’s 1000HP R32 GTR [email protected] at WSID!

Check this Robert Marjan’s R32 GTR run a 9.28 @ 155mph at WSID!

Having a car that is LEGAL to be driven on the streets and has a 1000 horsepower engine is a great deal you must admit! Moreover, if it`s a car that includes everything a normal vehicle has such as stereo, AC and a full interior -- you really have the bread and butter! However, this one includes the MAGNIFICENT 2.7 L STROKER KIT, Nitto billet oil pump, Nitto drag head gasket, CRD custom race ported head, Custom camshafts and Custom Valve Springs! Having it put like this, you are probably not surprised that this R32 GTR passed a 1/4 mile in only 9 seconds with a top speed of 155 miles per hour!

This video was made in 2010. Of course there are faster R32s now, but however it worth seeing it. Actually, you will feel like you should had to pay to watch it!

Enjoy the video below!

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