Replacement For Displacement!? Turbo VS V8 drift! Must Watch!

V8 drift! Driving exhibition in which many of us enjoy and feel like being fulfilled and complete with every element that driving a sports car can give to the driver. But very often, aside technical driving skills that requires, drifting can be problematic when it comes to maintaining the car and getting replacement for every essential component.

Therefore, in this article we are focusing on the most important parts of what it takes to be a car drifter with this video of an episode of Hot Rod Unlimited.

In it, you will get acquainted with guys like Tanner Munson in his Turbo Chevrolet LQ 9,Brian Hoplamazian in Nissan sr 22 and others during the Club Loose’s Freedom Moves event, at Englishtown, New Jersey.

These drifters are telling interesting stories from their experience, their opinions on which car and engine suits best for the purpose, how does a car act with or without a drift! and other problems they are facing and most importantly how are they solving them.

Having a good team as a back up is extremely important because as one of the participants in this story is saying, it is much easier to function as a team and maintain the vehicle, because without that support, things can reach a level of impossibility very easy. So watch the video bellow and get maximum out of it!

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Enjoy the video below!

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