RED DEMON – The First 7-SECOND AWD 2G DSM in the WORLD! What A Nasty BEAST! Published: Nov 4th, 2014!

The BoostinPerformance’s RED DEMON set the 1/4 mile record for The First 7-SECOND AWD 2G DSM in the WORLD on the October, 28th 2014! Devin Schultz is the driver and Kristin Schultz and Boostin Performance Crew was responsible for the Videography!

Again another record, exclusively here at Muscle Cars Zone! This record braking car is the only one on the planet with an AWD that passes the 1/4 mile finish line in under 8 seconds! IN the first minute of this video, you are being introduced with this greatly aerodynamic vehicle. You have the chance to see its interior as well as the machine that set the world record! Furthermore, this vehicle will try to set the record twice. And what is interesting about that is the fact that in both times it runs in the 7s! First run, 7.98 and the second even better, 7.95!

What A Nasty BEAST!

Enjoy the video below!

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