Extreme RC Dragster Goes 90 Feet In 1.178 Seconds! This Thing Almost Traveled Back In Time!

To some folks, RC vehicles are just toys for grown-ups, but we here truly admire them. Although they are small, they can still give impressive results! One such performance is featured in the video that we are sharing with you guys today, and it is astonishing! In the video, you will have the pleasure of seeing a world record being set! An RC extreme dragster managed to get through a 90 foot course in 1.178 seconds!

RC Extreme Dragster 1

We had trouble believing that anything can travel that fast, but after seeing this video, we were left speechless! You will be amazed too, we guarantee it!

This RC extreme dragster is owned by an Australian man named Todd Commons. He tested it out in a 90 foot drag strip, and boy did that thing deliver! As you will see in the video, it managed to pass the whole strip in 1.178 seconds and developed a speed of 176.6 kilometers per hour! In miles, that is a whopping 109 miles per hour, developed in just over 1 second! We legit thought that this RC extreme dragster will travel back in time! Watch this marvelous video below and witness this amazing feat with your own eyes! It is simply astonishing how fast that small RC dragster took off!

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