How Would You React If You Saw This RC B52 Airplane In The Sky? It Looks Just Like The Original!

The world of RC machines has been developing rapidly in the last few years. We have written about pretty much everything that is remote controlled. Nonetheless, you will always find something impressive from the vast array of RC vehicles and aircrafts as well. Such is the case with this RC B52 airplane model. What makes things even more impressive is the simple fact that this video is over 10 years old! To be more precise, this footage was taken way back in May 2004, on the Merryfield airfield, near Somerset in England.

It is apparently the maiden flight of the huge RC B52 airplane model. If we didn`t see the people standing next to it at the beginning of the video, we would have thought that this B52 is the real thing! The attention to detail on this remote controlled jet is incredible! Whoever made this, is a craftsman of the highest level!

In case you were wondering, this RC B52 is a replica of a Boeing B52 Stratoforstress. It is a long range bomber which has been used by the US Air Force since the 1950s! An engineering marvel, this jet has been a part of the US Army for over 60 years, mainly due to the low operating costs and excellent performance at high speeds. This giant jet powered airplane is a veteran that has seen several wars. Nevertheless, the achievements of the Boeing B52 are not the only incredible thing about the plane. Let`s talk about its size.

This behemoth weighs approximately 185,000lb! Furthermore, it is over 40 feet high and 159 feet long! It can develop a maximum speed of Mach 0.86, or to be more precise, that is 650 miles per hour. We are not really surprised someone decided to create a RC B52 replica. We have seen plenty of decent remote controlled copies, and this one is definitely among the top!

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