PLANE IN FOREST and Someone Lives In It!

These amazing explorers have found a plane in forest and find out that actually someone lives in it. The plane looks abandoned from the outside, but the guy who is living there turned it into a house. So, these guys just walk up to his house that’s a plane and ask him if they can look around inside. The owner has installed very long solar panels on the wings of the airplane and probable that is the source of energy he is using in the middle of the forest.

PLANE IN FOREST and Someone Lives In It 2

The first thing you notice inside the plane is the floor, it is actually see trough and you can see everything. There are many computers, laptops and other hi tech machines…It looks like it is an FBI station. The plane has everything inside as the normal house has, shower cabin, dishwasher, washing machine… This guy actually bought this plane for more than $100.000 plus all the investment he made inside.

We don’t know anyone else who is using an airplane as a house in the middle of a forest. Do you know someone? Please feel free those share this interesting post on Facebook with all your friends and tell us what do you think in the comment section below.