Operators at Their Best! Amazing Compilation Of The Clever Uses of Machines!

We all know the proper use of construction machines and how do they work. Some of them are massive, some of them are compact, but they do their job properly. What happens when a machine gets broken, but you need it so bad to get the job done? You do not have the time to wait, and this is where smart operators come in hand. Having the right experience, they are the ones who could solve any problem. In the following video we see such compilation, various uses of machines, some of which we could never think of!

We see everything, from bulldozers doing the job of scooptram. We even see a grader aliening the ground on what seems like an impossible task. The machine is leaned so much to the side, it looks like it is about to fall all the time. But nothing can stop these clever operators to discover new and smart uses of machines. These people are even popular locally, as we see a video from something that looks like a competition. There are spectators carefully watching and cheering from the sides. What do you think, is this a smart way of re-using machines and coming up with new ideas?

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