One Sick 1966 Chevrolet Nova! Amazing car! Perfect Love Story!

Like many others, Gebhard Hans developed his adoration for the 1966 Chevrolet Nova since a very young age. He`s got his father o thank for that, cause while he was becoming of age he taught him how to repair all sorts of cars, so he knows all he mechanic hints. About 8 years ago, Hans formed “Fine line restoration”, after many years spent repairing heavy machinery and all types of cars.


This was a crucial period in his life, cause almost at the same time he commenced building his baby-the black n` orange 1966 Chevrolet Nova. He wasn`t very financially stable during that period, but after some time he managed to upgrade some of the old parts and feature mew ones. One of them were the seats at the rear and the TCI front clip. Nevertheless, he encountered some problems when getting the car. One day, he saw the 1966 Chevrolet Nova near the Denver Post. The automobile was in pieces, but it looked good. He wrote an email to the owner asking to send him some pics of the car, but to his surprise the guy answered the someone was already coming to take it.

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When Hans rode the streets in an aged car without any panels or glass whatsoever, the neighbors had their jaws dropped. However, that lasted only until he placed and worked over the panels, then disassembled them again in order to put some paint on.Hans repainted his baby two times.  In his mind, a Chevy should always been have flames, and that coincide with his dream to paint his ca that way. Finally, he resprayed it.

Up top there is Sunset Pearl shade, and down below the same firm put some  black shade on. In order to dress up the exterior a bit more, a cowl hood with 2 inches size and some chromed bumpers were added. Hans also upgraded what was left to be treated, although the paint job was what stood up the most.

The original  stroker `70 383 that was in package with the vehicle was kept in its original form, though some changes were made. A Quadrajet carburetor was added on the side of he intake, as well as a 6.5 inches filter for air from K n` N and an Edelbrock manifold. This beast boosts approximately 370 horsepower, and the and there is also a custom made 3.5 inches exhaust with Flowmaster mufflers that added up a scary roar to that amount of massive power.

After featuring the front clip TCI to the rest of the suspension components, Hans went to attend a the show of Super Chevy , where he got a lot of recognitions like Best of Show and class and stuff like that. Time has passed, but the fruit of it was finally ready or harvesting.  In case you reckon this particular Nova is a hell of a `66 then sit tight and be prepared to wtness what he`s doing currently: a big block twinturbo Nova, requiring an incredible amount of cash. Then Hans realized that his already finished Nova project was worth much more than he thought. Then he started doing stuff which he didn`t to the previous one. We were lucky to get the chance to see the pictures of new Nova in building, and if Han`s mean and massive accomplishment is an excellent proof of what a man is able to do with some considerable amount of cash and a strong will, we can solely imagine that the future creation is gonna be one mean-looking son of a b.