The FIRST 42″ Asanti RIMS! Bright and Beautiful Wheels!

Check The FIRST 42 inch  Asanti RIMS, Shown At the V103 Atlanta, GA Car Show.

So far, we have shown you a variety of muscle cars, tuning cars, old school cars with 30, 32 inch rims which by the way became very popular. However, those who have put 30+” rims as well as those who wish to put, but still haven`t, face a new challenge presented at the V103 Car Show. The first ever 42 INCH rims! In order to have a better image of the size of this rim, pause the video when the kids are taking photos next to it! This wheel is bigger than the kid itself! Apart from the size, this rim has is nicely designed, fairly speaking.

One of the best websites for Asanti Wheeles! Click on this link!

Enjoy the video below!

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