Fantastic Nissan Skyline RB30 GTR R34 Doing 9.0 @ 154 MPH!

Check out this insane drag race: RB30 GTR R34 9.0 @ 154 MPH -- Published on Mar 8, 2014! This Nissan Skyline is fast as hell!

4 words people: LISTEN TO THIS AUTOMOBILE! It surely know how to make your blood boil! In the most positive way possible! We have seen a lot, we have heard a lot yet we haven`t heard a car sound amazing like this! It is the most jaw dropping sound we have heard lately! Nevertheless, this video is not only about this car`s sound. It is also about its velocity as well! We were so amazed by the sound we almost forgot to tell you that this vehicle not only that is loud but also is very fast too! Watch the video to understand the aforesaid.

Finally, check out some of Nissan’s best turbo charged engines!

Enjoy the video below!

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