INSANE Nissan Skyline From Hell!!! Content Inside Is Amazing And Jaw Dropping!

Turn your speakers on and check this Nissan Skyline From Hell! There is a reason why the Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 is considered one of the best cars in the world, and it is clearly shown with this ridiculous performance! That engine sound is music to our ears! We have said numerous times that Nissan is one of our favorites, so whenever we stumble upon an insane Nissan performance, we share it with you guys here! We do not plan on stopping anytime soon! It might not be American muscle, but it is still one incredible car that deserves lots of praise!

Here is another example why Paul Walker LOVED its ride in the Fast and the Furious! We have another video showing the awesomeness of NISSAN SKYLINE GTR R34! Although this one has a perfectly WHITE body kit and consists the word SKY in its name, people know it as the one from HELL! However, that suits it as a compliment for the THUNDER that comes out of its EXHAUST reminds people of something SCARY but yet AMAZING! The video shows this neighborhood HERO as he stop and waits for the cameras and then gives us the PERFECT LAUNCH! The Nissan from Hell – enjoy! We are certain that the sound of this Skyline RB28 engine will send chills down your spine! It would have been even better to see this insane Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 race against another car! However, we will have to leave that race to our imagination. For the time being, this amazing video of the white Nissan Skyline showing a glimpse of its potential will have to satisfy our needs! Sit back, relax and turn up the volume so you can hear the mighty roar of this legendary Japanese beast!

Finally, take a look at the best Nissan Skyline drift in Japan!


3 thoughts on “INSANE Nissan Skyline From Hell!!! Content Inside Is Amazing And Jaw Dropping!

  1. Tommy Lee

    Wow, my car has a 2 step and i am a guy who likes to give modified car owners a bad name. Not to mention this guy likes picking on drag cars on street tyres cause it makes his car look fast lol

    Grow up Anthony and take it to the drag strip. Not only will you stop giving us a bad name you will actually be able to prove just how quick your car isnt lol

  2. Jack J

    Oh, whats wrong, didnt like me speaking the truth

    Great work Anthony for proving further that modified car owners really are hoon

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