Did You See Someone Handling a Bagger BIKE Like That? Serious SKILLS!

Did You See Someone Handling a Bagger Bike Like That? This Guy Have Some Serious SKILLS! He just made the Baggers COOL for me! This motorcycle can be about 1000 pounds and he is even changing gears 3 times…

Warning! The video you are about to see is likely to impress you! As a matter of fact that`s the whole point of it! So, dig in! Here you can see a guy performing a wheelie with a custom designed Harley Davidson! Not only he does that, but also he manages to shift gears! Thumbs up! He proved he has got some skills! The reaction of the men watching this whole performance tells everything. Actually, there is no other way to react! Simply amazing! However, we feel as our duty to remind you about the possible consequences if you try this on your own.

Definitely the best Bagger wheelie I’ve ever watched! RESPECT! Please feel free to share your thoughts with us!

At last, follow this link for some really nasty bagger bikes!

Enjoy the video below!

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