Faraday Future, FFZERO1 Has Something For You!

Yes, Faraday Future, you now have all attention needed. Here you go, meet FFZERO1 which is a concept EV race car that is out there! If you wonder about the power, this one makes more than 1.000 HP and can accelerate to 60 miles per hour under 3 seconds! It can top out over 200 miles per hour as well!

faraday future ffzero1 2

faraday future ffzero1 6

This, of course, is not the company`s first car, but this one promises a lot! Faraday Future, however, announced some plans of building a $1 billion factory somewhere in the north of Las Vegas! They also say that FFZERO1 concept rides on the very same VP architecture and will support all future models!

Finally, read this review here to form your opinion better!