Hello there dear Gearheads! We are taking you to AOCO (All Out Call Out) event in New Mexico where we would like you to meet Norotor RX7! A really awesome car that makes its owner proud of having it. And it sure should since it is STUNNING!

The fact that it was almost impossible for every cameraman not to point at Norotor is a totally legit proof about his amazingness!!! The all custom car is including an LS1 swap, a tiny bit of spray, gorgeous white paint and who could ask for more?! Apart of being a real beauty, this one doesn`t need a beast – it is its own BEAST!!! This one is not only by the looks, it has all it needs in order to battle some pretty fast cars from the 11.5 competition class!

So, check out the footage we are offering and follow the Norotor RX7 as it clashes opponents and does some test runs as well. You will be astonished by its strength, speed and performance. We can guarantee you that one! If you don`t have any more questions, go to the video and enjoy! Cheers!

If you want to visit the official page of the event, follow this link.