6×6 RC Truck BLACK PETER – The Top Truck Challenge 2015 Winner!

RC vehicles were inevitable part of most people`s childhoods. Time has passed by, those people have grown up, but still the inner child continues to spark the childish fire inside most of us. Thanks to the modern technology, we can all share our childhood adventures but as grown-ups. So today, we have one special video for you that will certainly take you a few years back, and will also make you go and buy yourself a powerful RC truck! As long as you don`t own one already! Why so? Because the RC truck featured in this video is actually the RC Sparks Studio Top Truck Challenge 2015 Winner!

It is a word of the Oil Field Truck named Black Peter! You are going to watch this monster dealing with the snow, making all that look like ae piece of cake. In order to be able to do so, a serious machine needs to produce the power. Namely, the Black Peter is set in motion by a 3900kv brushless motor, or in other words the motor is dynamite fuse ESC 130A combined with a dynamite 4950 brushless! Enjoy!

Plus, follow this link to watch one ultimate RC Truck mud battle! Can you guess how it will end before watching?!