Check the Nissan Skyline Turbo Through Bonnet Insane Sound!

Check This Nissan Skyline Turbo Through Bonnet, Insane Sound!

Every car needs something unique that will make it look different among the others. In other words to become special and distinguishable. This particular automobile has a trait that we do not see very often! We can literally see the TURBO peeking from the hood! The owner clearly knows what is doing because when the turbo is set up like this it stays cool and gave give some extra power when it is most needed! Although this video is rather short, we can notice (judging by the look of the car) that the owner has invested good deal of money into his vehicle.

Must see this family battle. The two cars look amazing in the video, we don`t know the owners, but for sure we would like to ask them to make even more videos like this, where two very powerful cars meet to race against each other. Click on  this link for more Nissan drift!

Enjoy the video below!

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