The New Ford GT Ran a High 10-Second Pass!

The hype is tremendously huge when it comes to seeing a brand new car rolling out on the streets for the first time, but not just any cars, we are talking about those ridiculously super fast cars, those cars which are also extremely expensive. In other words, most of us cannot really afford those cars, so watching an exciting video with them featuring, is something soothing. Hereby, we have all been hyped when Ford announced that they are going to launch a new vehicle some time ago, and now it is time to see what the New Ford GT is actually capable of.

The New Ford GT Ran a High 10-Second Pass 2

We present you the new Ford GT performing on track. This monster rolled out from the production line just couple of days ago and it is time to test it out on the ¼ mile track. All of us simply want to see that the Ford GT is actually capable of, and if we base our opinions on the previous models, this one is going to be even better. The blue monster has a custom made titanium exhaust.

When everything seems ready and the people are extremely calm, it is time for the real deal. The car simply launched itself on the drag track. To make the video even better, there is a cockpit view i.e. camera mounted on the inside. Even though we do not know the exact time, it managed to make a 10 second run.

What do you think about the latest piece of Ford ingenuity?

Ford GT

2017 Ford GT 1/4 mile with cockpit view. The car has a custom titanium exhaust and ran a high 10 second pass (don't know the exact time). Special thanks to Marshall Williamson at Heffner Performance for the video!

Posted by Auto Fest on Monday, November 6, 2017