Hello my dear muscle car fans! As most of you know well, besides showing you videos with some of our favorite muscle rides in action, as well as presenting you with the latest models and telling you about the new features of the cars, every now and then we are also showing you certain clips that are featuring some other machines, which some of you are using or are interested to start using it. And for one such video, today we have decided to show you something interesting for all of you who are using chainsaws… So, what we have here is a clip that will give you a closer look at the Oregon PowerSharp System for Automatic Sharpening of your chainsaw. The video is in German, but nevertheless, I believe that it will do the job, and give you a proper image of how to use it.

Because, just as any other tool, the chainsaw should be kept in `a good shape`, which in this case, it means being clean and sharp. And you can do that easily with the Oregon PowerSharp System that has a special primary chain which is automatically grinds and sharpens the chainsaw`s teeth.

So, you better have a look at the video below and get a `visual mode` of how is this system functioning. And if you want to read another interesting article about it, with many specifics on the subject, go to this link.