Check Out This Cool Mustang RTR Drift vs Grip Video!

Car drifting is probably not the most effective way to win a race, but this doesn`t mean the drifting cars are not fast. Vaugh Gittin Jr. the 2010 Formula Drift champion, and Chris Cobetto, the present NASA American Iron legal champion, got together and did a little show on Summit Point Raceway in the event called Drift vs Grip. Due to its light weight and horsepower Gittin`s car is obviously faster, while Cobbeto`s Mustang RTR drift has proven to be better. The car however, was faster in the corners. And if you are curious about who is the winner watch the video and see it yourself. Afterwards, feel free to share with us your thoughts in the comment section below.

Finally, who do you think will win the USA vs Japan drift battle!?

Ford Mustang RTR Drift vs Grip