At first, we were like: “No way! This is not real!” But when we splashed our eyes with water, we were very happy that this vehicle is actually tangible! Albeit we haven`t seen it in person (not yet) and haven`t touched it, watching this video is more than enough. No matter how much you dislike fancy partying, you cannot say a bad word for this Dodge Challenger Limo!

In addition, the number of people that can spend some time in this vehicle is up to 12. Probably the most appealing characteristics of the limousine are the three jet doors, of course without diminishing the significance of the rims and the paintjob as well.

Although we cannot see the interior clearly in this video due to the blue lights, it is assembled exotic cushioning. Moreover, a limo without a solid sound system is not a limo. Thus, this one is equipped with a 5K Watt stereo system that includes sub-woofers placed on the back of the seats! Plus, it features two huge TVs, versatile radio, connectors for your iPods et cetera! Naturally, the windows are tinted so you could enjoy in the privacy of your party! Finally, all this must have a price tag, the one for this Dodge Challenger Limo is $175,000.

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