Amazing Manual Tire Mounting Process!

People say that mastering a certain skill is of top importance and it can come in handy in the future, but probably nothing can get better than this manual tire mounting process. Yes, you heard it right! You are not going to need a special machine to mount a tire on your rim and this guy made an amazing video to prove that this is actually possible, though it is not as easy as it looks. First of all you are going to take the tire and spray both of the sides with plain soapy water.

Manual Tire Mounting Process 2

Then take it and slide it carefully on your rim by simply pushing it from the sides. Do this nice and slow hence you might easily make a mistake and injure yourself. Half of the process is done and you are almost there. The next thing that you are going to need to do is to slide the other part of the tire in the rim. This surely is the most difficult thing to do in the manual tire mounting process so take your time and do it carefully.

Next, once that is done, spray it with soapy water once again and apply normal deodorant inside it. You are going to need a lighter for the next step. Inflate the tire for a second and immediately light the deodorant on fire. This is going to make the tire fir nice and snug in place. What do you think, can you do it?

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