Ambitious Man Build His Airplane On Mumbai Rooftop!

Us people are always eager for more, hence we often tend to come up with inventions that will make our lives much better place to live. This idea governed Amol Yadav, a man from India who did something that no one was able to do until then. Namely, he was brave enough to take up a job that required great expertise and investment. Some seven years ago, Amol announced to his family that he is going to build an airplane, not just anywhere, but on a Mumbai rooftop.

Plane On Mumbai Rooftop 2

There were many problems he had to encounter while building it, such as the bad weather, the tiny area he had and the transporting of the parts to the rooftop. Due to the fact that there was not elevator in the building in which his joint family lived, they had to carry them on the narrow stairway. He paired with an automobile garage mechanic and an expert fabricator who worked hard during day and night under the tarp, until finally in February last year, the plane was complete. As Amol puts it, the engine is powerful to climb up the plane up to 3,920 meters in the sky.

The fuel tank can cover a distance of up to 2,000km, flying at top speed of 342km/h. The plane manufactured on this Mumbai rooftop also featured in a huge show in India where people displayed their inventions. The plane had to be dismantled in order to get it down from the rooftop and transported on the show. Here is why you should always seek towards fulfilling your dreams!

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