If you are a fan of WATCHES you will definitely LOVE this piece that we have prepared for you! Actually, you do not need to be a WATCH LOVER to enjoy this video that reveals the MASTER MIND that stands behind this most COMPLICATED WATCH! We are going to hear Francois Paul Journe himself, and what he has to say about this MAGNIFICENT product!

He says that he wanted to make these watches long time ago but the problem were the fragile objects in it that could easily be damaged by the users! However, it took him 6 YEARS to finish this job! There are only 40 of these, so if you were to have one, it would be VERY RARE! Of course, there is a reason there are only few of these, its price sums up somewhere round $723.000! So, feel free to come with us to F.P. Journe headquarter in Geneva, where you will be well informed about the work of this company! You will take a look on the machines that are responsible for the exclusivity of these watches, as well as seeing the whole process of making the MOST COMPLICATED WATCH – SONNERIE SOUVERAINE!!!

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