Lucky Chevy Nova Drifts Out Of Its Lane But Everything Ends Well!

When you`ve got a car that has a transmission which hasn`t been tuned enough to correlate with the horsepower that your engine is putting out, this is exactly what happens. This lucky, lucky Chevy Nova starts up on the runway but from the get-go it`s obvious that something is wrong – the car is swerving left and right and the driver can`t quite gain control of the vehicle to stop it from going adrift and into a wall. He manages to get the car to stop just as it slides off the runway and stops in the grass.

Even though he might have some nerve or possibly some pants problems after this near-hit accident, the driver will still be fine and will still be able to do a lot of races after this incident. But that doesn`t mean that he won`t need to put up some cash to his mechanic friends to fix up the obvious flaws in this still uncrushed and henceforth very lucky Chevy Nova. If he doesn`t fix it up, next time it might even get worse – who knows, the wall might be much closer if he swerves in a different direction and as we all know the chances of that are 50-50!

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