Custom LS3 Exocet /525HP Created by Tie Down Engineering!

Custom vehicles keep surprising us all the time and this time we should thank the guys from Exomotive Team who introduced their newest creation. Ladies and gentlemen, please greet Exomotive XP5 a vehicle that is ready to rule the streets with its LS3 Exocet /525HP GM V8-crate motor. This cool project can easily fulfill many car lovers` dreams and with its insane look there is no doubt that it offers an indescribably adventurous driving experience.

The only negative thing found by fans on this custom car is the engine placement. For the majority, the engine is put too far forward and their opinion is that it should be at least behind the front axle. However, creators say that LS3 Exocet is a light motor and that the rear end of the car is very heavy, which means that a balance is established like on the Ford Shelby Cobra model.

At last, we cannot wait the day when this vehicle will be put on a test drive and we just hope that that will happen in near future. Till then we can enjoy this short preview of the best customs ever. Have fun and feel free to share your opinion!

Anyway, this seems to be Australia’s best custom car!

Enjoy the video below!

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