4-Year-Old Sophie Takes FMX VOLVO Truck Test Drive!

“I`m gonna walk up. Then I stop there and I drive it. Left and right, back and forwards!” – those were the exact words little Sophie had to say for the camera, right before she took the FMX Volvo Truck test drive!

You wouldn`t imagine that a little girls such as Sophie here, could drive a full size truck, wouldn`t you? I mean… they barely speak at that age, right? Well, don`t worry, she`s not actually going to be IN the cabin, she does it over a remote control! Which makes it even more interesting! Give a 4-year-old a real size RC Full Size Truck and see what happens! However, the track was ready, it was up to Sophie and Volvo to pass it! Many barriers were there to prevent it, such as a swinging box which actually crashed right into the truck! It`s a good thing that the FMX is Volvo`s most powerful and strong truck ever made so all we saw was a crashed box! The truck even survived Sophie`s stunts as it even flipped over at one point but still managed to stay on four wheels! Check out this AMAZING live Volvo truck test drive, have a good laugh and be amazed by VOLVO FMX!

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