WOW! What A Drag Run! LISA Caldwell’s Vast Wheelstand In All 3 Gears In A 1973 Dodge Dart!

Lisa Caldwell is a real racer at heart. She has been involved in racing for about 22 years now and she just can`t stop but amaze us. One of the motorsport disciplines she loves the most is drag racing. Her weapon of choice is one insane custom made 73 Dodge Dart. It is powered by a small block 408 Stroker. Elsewhere, there is a 950 Holley and an M-1 intake. This girl loves to spend a lot of time on the dragstrip with her Dart and she is amazing with it. If you have never seen her performance before, this video is the perfect opportunity to witness what she is capable of.

You can see a very intense moment here, as Lisa performs a massive wheelie with her 73 Dodge Dart. We can also all agree that this kind of exhibitions is some of the most exciting element of a drag race. When it comes to wheelies, this is definitely one of the greatest we have ever seen as well. She is shifting into third while the front wheels are still up in the air. This shows just how fantastic the setup of her car is. Fantastic for wheelies that is. Wheelies can slow you down a bit. However, that`s the way she likes it and we are not complaining.

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