Line-Lock Equipped Standard In 2015 Mustang GT!

The brand new Mustang have been part of every kind of competitions, shows and events of such sorts, but true Ford lovers incline towards drag racing. Mustang`s team uses enhanced controls technology intended precisely for the brand new Mustangs for their most enthusiastic fans.

The peeps who use Mustangs as their daily drive and as a track companion shall be truly thankful about keeping intact the brake kits in order to quality prepare the tires for a real drag adventure. We did what Periac Dave said, considering he`s the chief engineer of Mustang.

The rear pads were cooked no longer and there was no power braking neither. When the driver let go of the brake pedal in order to let go of the brakes at the rear end, is when the line lock is being enabled. The brakes at the front are locked thanks to the stability control system for hydraulic control.


This thing may even help you in paying the car`s rate if you know what are you doing. At bracket racing, being consisting is certainly worth it, as riders are trying to envisage their quarter mile, but they don`t speed up at all.  Consistency is also assisted by the launch control and the many-times-mentioned electronic line lock which can be found in regular newest Mustang GT models. These models usually have manual transmission.

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