LARGEST Dump Truck in the World! Liebherr T-284! Can You Imagine Driving This 203 TON BEAST?!

LIEBHERR it’s a German heavy equipment company specialized for production of the the biggest Dump Trucks in the world! Liebherr T 282B is actually their largest model and it is not only huge but is really weird! This is the largest dump truck in the world!

The company decided to present this new largest dump truck after they`ve had huge success with the T 282 C (also amazing)! However, all the extra hours and overtimes have finally paid off as the largest dump truck takes its position! The new Leibherr T-284 has the highest payload in the whole industry and has the latest LITRONIC + AC Driving System However, this system can determine the optimal way of how to extract the power of the diesel engine! This is how it minimizes the consumption of fuel and brings the performance up!

This thing weights 203 tons and it can carry a weight up to 365 tons! That means this monster can weight up to 592 tons all together.

The support engine has amazing ratings! It brings them up to 4.023 horsepower which is around 3.000 kW! Also, costumers are now able to choose the engine that will allow the largest dump truck to meet the targets of productivity while the fuel consumption is low! These options give the newest fuel injection techs for clean combustion and minimized fuel consumption! Moreover, the tires on the T-284 are HUGE! People look like tiny mice next to them!
We were very much stunned after seeing this monster to be quite honest. The largest dump truck uses MTU 20V4000 C23 Tier 2 motor in it which gives it the best performance that is available! I don’t really thing that you are interested for its price, but this beast costs $3.5 M.

If you want to see and learn more about this dump truck, follow this link!

Enjoy the video below!

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34 thoughts on “LARGEST Dump Truck in the World! Liebherr T-284! Can You Imagine Driving This 203 TON BEAST?!

  1. There’s bigger… Much MUCH bigger… Dump trucks than that

    1. Mike

      It just said it’s the biggest dump truck in the world

  2. Chamara

    Belaz 75710 can carry a 450 tonne (500 short tons) load.[2] The empty weight is 360 tonnes – much more heavily built than the previous model, which was 240 tonnes.[3] It is 20.6 metres long, 8.16 metres high, and 9.87 metres wide.

    1. admin ( Post author )

      Thanks you very much for all the info! We appreciate it!

  3. andrew

    there is bigger but not much bigger than that… i do this it is my job i drive a Komatsu 930E which payload is 320 tons but we drive with an average of 340 to 360 tons and it overloads at 385 tons and is put into limp mode. NARM which is owned by peabody energy one of the largest if not the largest open pit mines in the world has the largest haul truck (dump truck) in the world its payload is just over 400 tons of coal… which is totally different than dirt which makes it bed bigger not the truck bigger than this one but it uses a liebherr frame struts and all to carry those tons.

    1. admin ( Post author )

      Dear Andrew, thanks you very much for all the info that you provided. We are glad that we have such a professionals on our web site.

  4. KB

    The 284 is rated at a 500 ton payload. Barrick Cortez has the one from the mine expo in vegas.

  5. graham

    Leibherr is a Austrian company

  6. Attie vd Walt

    No my friend Graham Liebherr is a German founded company. With branches all over the world.

  7. michael

    I want one.

  8. Leo Ward

    that is one bigg truck and one hefty price tag

  9. Blake Shellman

    Does it come equipped with traction control, anti-lock breaks and a trailer hitch like my Toyota Tacoma?

  10. All that to see it just pull out of a spot in the factory? I expected to see it being assembled or something. Maybe even a close up of the drivetrain or something better than this 🙁

  11. Ryan B

    This makes my Johne Deere 400 Rocktruck look like a spec! (40 tonnes).

  12. "Diesel" Denzil Dufault

    Does you Health and Safety Committee not make employees wear Reflective Safety Vests and Safety Hats in the factory? It is one hell of a nice large truck!

  13. Tom Sparks

    Very nice hopefully bug free for the mechanics and electr.. wait who cares about the electricians it’s not like the really work on these anyway.
    , I thought we were going this route but It seems we are repowering our Terex 4400 with teir 4 engines,Should be crazy.. wondering where Caterpillar will go towards electric drive now that they own Terex.

    1. Shane clarke

      Cats do have an electric drive 795f and that liebherr truck is an electric drive

  14. Pete

    Wow… this is spectacular!

  15. Tussi

    What’s more amazing is it’s engine specs 🙂

    Displacement: 5822 cu in / 95,4 litre
    Horsepower: 4023 HP
    Engine weight: 26 500 lb / 12 020kg
    Crankcase: 88 gal / 335 litre
    Cooling system: 280 gal / 1060 litre

  16. Nick

    I’ve operated the komatsu 930E, the Cat 793, the Cat 797 and the Liebherr T282 in the oil sands in northern Alberta. Given the choice is take a Liebherr T282 any day over the Cat and Komatsu trucks.

    1. Johnny

      Wow! You do have a great experience Nick 🙂 Thanks for your comment and advice!

    1. Johnny

      Thank you for letting us know Greg! I would love to see these two beasts in a tug of war 😀

    1. Johnny

      Yup! 😀

  17. Stephen Barnes

    Does anyone know if it has power steering?

  18. Matt B.

    Here is a video of that same Liebherr in action at the Barrick Cortez gold mine in Northern Nevada. I happen to work at this mine and am privileged to see these monsters on a daily basis. I can say it never gets old watching these 3 story houses on wheels rolling around.

    1. Johnny

      Wow… This is definitely a MASSIVE beast! Thank you Matt for your comment! If you have any other videos of these monsters (made by you) feel free to share them with us 🙂 Have a great day!

  19. Um driving a bigger one than ths,250 tons 930E komatsu

    1. Johnny

      Wow 😀 That’s great! Feel free to share your videos with us!

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