Lay your Eyes On This Magnificent Liberty Walk Murcielago LBR!

Cars are like art. There are different styles and you cannot be indifferent about it; either you like it or you don`t! Some people say that cars are not art, but we simply cannot agree. We have an argument! That is the Liberty Walk Murcielago LB-R. Some say that the performance this car offers is not as good as expected and that the interior is not typical for Lamborghini. But, if you analyze the car, you will see that it`s not true, particularly when talking about the interior.


Mr. Kato-san, owner of this Liberty Walk Murcielago said that he had to introduce some modifications to the interior, such as the 3D paint of the doors, so that it won`t be too standard. But, we all know that that is the main characteristic of Lamborghini. This extremely classy company has products that are original, crazy and awkward, but in their own positive way. When you see this car, you cannot deny that we are talking art here!

However, Liberty Walk have played with other cars as well!




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