Legendary Drag Race: Nissan Skyline vs Toyota Supra!

Now this is an interesting drag race, with some of the most explored super cars of the Japanese engineering – the Toyota Supra 2 JZ vs Nissan Skyline Godzilla RB 26. Which one do you think is going to be the winner?

Toyota with its epic inline 6 cylinder engine that is possibly the most widely used engine in a big palette of motor sports, also very often used for tuning purposes.

And here is the Nissan Skyline Godzilla RB 26, a well known specimen of another marvelous Japanese sports car manufacturer and a car that is probably amongst the most desired amongst the drag racers and need for speed junkies.

Who do you think wins this drag race – the Nissan Skyline Godzilla or Toyota Supra? I\m guessing that most of you probably know the answer, but yet…watch the video:

Enjoy the video below!

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