Larry Dixon Got Banned By NHRA Because Of His Top Fuel Car!

We live in a very dynamic time where people seek for various ways to make more money and make the best out of a certain situation. This is actually ok hence you are giving a shot into something new, something that is unknown to you, unless you make the money in an illegal way. Namely, such controversial situation caused Larry Dixon to lose his license on an indefinite time. So what happened, what went wrong that caused this to happen? Well, as most of you know, Larry simply lit the internet on fire when he unveiled his Nitro 2, a top fuel car, at the annual SEMA 2017 show.

Larry Dixon Got Banned By NHRA Because Of His Top Fuel Car 2

The crowd went completely insane over the car and everyone wanted to hop in for a ride. In fact, Larry Dixon offered a ride in this two seated monster for staggering $10,000. This three time top fuel champion, that has also won 62 other national events, decided to take advantage of the situation and make some extra cash.

He claimed that his top fuel car had been previously inspected by the NHRA officials and was tagged to be the run on such tracks, but all of this, allegedly, was a lie. NHRA sanctioning body inspected this by them and decided that this was absolutely not true. This unfortunate event caused the champion Larry Dixon to lose his license indefinitely.

What do you think, what was the exact reason that made Larry to tell such a lie?