With This Landing System You Can Land Anything From Your Boat Safely!

Have you ever had all that trouble when you want to land, say, your quad bike off your boat? Everyone with a quad and a boat has, and it`s time for that to stop with this newly devised landing system for your boat. It drags itself and the boat towards land so that anything you want to unload can come off safely and without being damaged. Even though the video doesn`t say it, I think it`s based on hydraulics and it appears very efficient at getting the job done! It`s not just a landing system, it`s a docking system as well and it can help in all sorts of situations!

This landing system has two legs, so to speak, which are located on its docking strip. You can put your car in your boat, if you want, or even a pickup truck if your boat`s big enough and you will be able to safely land it with this system. It will drag the entire boat closer to the earth with its hydraulic motion and it will raise and lower itself to assist you at any moment. Of course, this is probably radio or Bluetooth controlled, so it`s subject to your will at any second!

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Hard Drive Marine

This landing system acts as "legs" of your boat.

Posted by GIGadgets on Saturday, April 8, 2017