Corvette Humiliated Lamborghini On The Highway! Music For Your Ears Included!

You know us, we are all about cars! One thing we especially adore is good car races! Today, we are sharing a video of an epic race between two very powerful cars! This is the Lamborghini vs Corvette Z06 highway race! Before we move on to this epic clash, let us take a quick glimpse of these beauties. This video is filmed from inside the Lambo. Whatever Lambo it is, it is safe to say it has an engine with over 500hp. Second we have the American icon in the Corvette Z06, which has a V8 505hp engine… or it was not even stock according to the sound we heard…

This Lamborghini vs Corvette Z06 clash is filmed on a busy highway in Abu Dhabi. The Lambo is getting past many other cars when it spots the Corvette Z06 on the road. It gets behind the Chevy Corvette, and the second there are no cars in front of them, they accelerate! Much to the Lambo driver`s surprise, the Chevrolet Corvette Z06 storms off in front of the Lamborghini! You don`t mess with an American muscle car! They decide to go for a second round, and the result was still the same! We are just glad that the Lambo driver enjoyed this clash. Check out the race below!

The Corvette showed what it`s made of! Maybe the Hellcat will have a different future with the Lambo?