Nerve Wrecking Ken Block Crash Compilation! It Can Happen To The Best!

Ken Block became a motorsport superstar due to his awesome Gymkhana videos. However, he is a real racer as well. Mr. Block has competed in the World Rally Championship (WRC) and also competed in the Rally America series in 2013. He even nearly won the Rallycross title that year. However, he crashed in the final round of the season. Nevertheless, Ken Block has an insane reputation. When it comes to drift cars, he is the guy you want behind the wheel. However, even legends like Ken Block can make an error sometimes. So, in this one, we present to you one nerve wrecking Ken Block crash compilation that features some pretty neat close calls as well.

In this Ken Block crash compilation, you can see him crashing with all sorts of various cars he drove throughout his career. You can see him crashing in his famous Hoonigan Ford Fiesta that is his favorite weapon of choice when it comes to gymkhana. He also crashes in his Hoonigan Ford Mustang. One incident with this muscle car happened at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. He lost control while sliding in a corner that resulted in him spinning off track and almost hitting the bales. Nevertheless, such mishaps are part of motorsport and it doesn`t undermine his talent one bit. Watch the best of Ken Block crashes below and enjoy!

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