Keep Drifting Fun! Why People Choose to Drift & Why They Love It!

Keep Drifting Fun! FIND OUT: Why People Choose to Drift & Why They Love It!

It`s interesting how the drivers themselves describe drifting as pointless, stupid, silly, just cars sliding on a pavement! Hilarious! These statements are just an intro. After that, the drivers say what they really think. This 30 minutes video wants to show us why we should keep drifting fun. It is recorded on several locations throughout the USA. The people who came up with this idea of interviewing the drivers and filming them drifting, state that they wanted to find out why the drifters selected this way of driving, what is so special about it and why they adore it.

I really love how they describe each feeling of how it feels like when drifting…on point!

Moreover, learn the 7 simple ways to drift!

Enjoy the video below!

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