Jump Out Of The Plane & Get Inside Again in the Air!

If there is one company that is producing and making some of the best sports videos in the world, it has to be Red Bull. Over the course of the past dozens of years we have seen just about anything, people risking their lives in some incredible and dangerous extreme sports, but eventually it was all worth it. Hereby, if you are willing to watch yet another such amazing Red Bull video, stay tuned and see that might you can do if you miss your flight. It all starts somewhere up in the sky, at an altitude of 4,062m. The goal and the target are pretty simple…. get out and get inside…

Jump Out Of The Plane Get Inside Again in the Air 2

Two stranded man have to jump off the mountain top and land in the door of a small plane, but there is more something you need to know. The small plane is actually moving in mid air and flying at speed of over 150 km/h. The risk and the danger are massive and there is not even the slightest place for a mistake.

This means that both of our guys have to go at a speed that is exactly the same that the small plane is going. Fred and Vince, which are the names of the people who are flying in mid air, are going at a speed of over 130 km/h and make a close call just at the plane door, something that is utterly dangerous.

Eventually, they manage to get inside and pull this amazing stunt off and make yet another Red Bull video that everyone is going to love.

Door in the Sky

This is what you do when you miss your flight.

Posted by Red Bull on Tuesday, November 28, 2017