Johnny Sparks’ Revision 2011 Ford Mustang Restored!

At the SEMA show that took place in 2011 we encountered the Mustang of Johnny Sparks for the first time. Then we understood that even only 23 years old, Johnny knew exactly how to mix the 1968 and 1969 styles and introduce them to a 2011 Ford Mustang. After that, the car was in the spotlight in a lot of magazines and events and it finally ended up at the Barrett-Jackson auction. Unfortunately the vehicle was sold for only 61,600 dollars.  It is true that Johnny expected more having in mind the time and effort he invested in making this vehicle. Nevertheless, we hope that this will be just a motivation to Johnny and we are looking forward to seeing his new products.

Vehicle description: The main idea Johnny had was to make a Mustang that will not be so ancient, but will still look old-school.  Therefore, he took a 2011 Ford Mustang and completely changed its external appearance. A lot of external elements were manufactured just to fit especially to this car`s new exterior and make its late 60s look more convincing. However, the vehicle still has its modern elements such as the electronics, glass, interior and drive train. After having spent 10 months on the road and featuring in so many magazines and TVs, the vehicle came to the SEMA event. It has 5,000 miles on its odometer. But, even those who know a lot about Mustangs may get confused by this vehicle that looks like the 60s, but rolls like nearly 40 years younger.

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