John Lennon’s Chrysler Station Wagon that Rocks ‘N’ Rolls!

After the Second World War, the Chrysler Town & Country was the vehicle that ruled the automotive world. It was the most famous partly wooden and family car that marked the era of the 70s. But, the Chrysler Town & Country we are going to talk about is somewhat special because it was owned by the most famous Beatle, Mr. John Lennon. And his wife, Yoko Ono, of course. The Chrysler Station Wagon was bought by Apple Records and the color is similar to the one of the Apple Records logo. This customized vehicle was brought to New York from the Chrysler factory via special delivery jet.


After the death of John Lennon in 1980 it was shortly put in storage and then sold for 26,000 dollars. The fan that bought this car did not actually drove it, but he used the vehicle to perform a ritual during which he tried to communicate with Lennon`s spirit. Then, the vehicle was again put on auction and was bought by the Gioiella family, also fans of Lennon, for 495,000 dollars. Having in mind the condition this vehicle was in, the Gioiella family had to introduce some improvements so that this vehicle can be driven on the streets. Some of these improvements include clean gas tank, replaced brakes and restructured carburetor.  However, the family left a lot of things unchanged such as the original 6.6 liter 400CI V8 engine.

The main idea of this family was to restore this vehicle in the condition that John Lennon left it with cigarette butts, cassettes etc. which was actually done. In that way a great deal of automotive and music history was preserved.

The year 1941 marked a new phase of the T&C model because it faced several changes such as for example the hardened and more solid wheelbase. This vehicle was equipped with air control, third row of seats, dual headlights and electric windows which made this wagon one of the most expensive in the 60s. The high price of the Chrysler Station Wagon actually caused consequences with only 10,000 units of this model to be sold.


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