JETKART With Afterburner On The Street! Is It Worth It For All the Effort?I

Check out this JETKART With Afterburner On The Street and on the Drag Strip!

We have seen various jet trucks, jet cars and even jet motorbikes. Now it is the time for a jet kart! Why not! It is the ultimate vehicle for having fun in the neighborhood! Today we have two videos for you with a jet kart. In the first one we can see how this car starts up, how does it work, what kind of fuel it uses and how fast it goes. Whereas in the second video, you have the chance to see a more sophisticated jet kart on the track ready for some action! Maybe it is not supposed to be fast, but it is very loud! Check out that glowing afterburner! What do you think?

Check out the SECOND VIDEO on PAGE2!

Enjoy the video below!

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