It’s Time For Some Music Lessons – Brutal GTR Engine Sound!

And how else would you describe the one and only 800 HP Nissan GTR engine sound, roaring under the pressure of full throttle? It is the best music for the ears of every gearhead out there, who gets the adrenalin rush only by watching the best street car in the world doing a launch control. We have all seen it and heard it so many times and none of us can get enough of it, isn`t that right?

Thus, we have prepared another great video clip of Nissan GT-R R35 launch control and acceleration performance that is coming from Germany. We are in a constant search of great videos from all over the world, in which we can watch people from everywhere enjoying the performances and stunts done with GT-R, and in a case like this, the great sound of its exhaust system whilst accelerating from 0 to…well, I would not be much wrong if I say that only the sky is the limit.

This awesome babe is one of those, with highly tuned engines, able to develop astonishing 800 HP, equipped with a complete HKS exhaust system. So just relax and enjoy the following minute and half in the music, composed by the Japanese engineers and performed by GTR Engine Sound.

Moreover, what is the best sounding car according to you?

Enjoy the video below!

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