Is This 2015 Mustang Rendering The Most Accurate Yet?

Having this teaser photo in our hands, we get to glimpse the new 2015 Mustang Rendering whose debut is scheduled in a few months.

This new generation Mustang has probably the most proper rendering anyone has ever seen before. Having in mind that all the details about the exterior still remain a mystery, we can only rely on Charles prototyped 3D model of the car. The rumors say that there is no “hockey stick” or C-scoop on the side of the car, whatsoever. There are also rumors saying that there is a dilemma between four and five scoops as well as about the headlight assemblies. A slight tweaking might be done to the window, which makes us wanna see this beast even more.

Finally, check out this Roush supercharged Mustang!

2015-ford-mustang-red (1)

Take a look at yourselves, so watch the video: