We Present You With Interesting Secrets About Overhaulin’ And Foose!

The realm of awesome reality TV shows is absolutely stunning and there is everything for everyone. All you have to do is to take a look at all of its episodes. One such reality show that we all love to this day has to be Overhaulin`. We all remember the legendary design by Chip Foose and the amazing craftsmanship of his team. In record time they managed to turn over a rusted car into a classic beast. This is why we decided to take a look at some interesting secrets about Overhaulin` and Foose you probably never knew. Foose began working with the legendary Boyd Coddington but due to financial reasons they parted. It was a difficult decision but it turned out to be the right one. All of the drama that took place in the show was completely fabricated. It was all about the passion!

interesting secrets overhaulin 1

For those of you that doubted, Foose and his team indeed had only 8 days to complete the whole restoration. The parts that they used for the cars were either free or low cost, which is how the show managed to grow ever since their beginnings. Even after the owners got their cars back, little repairs had to follow. Those tiny tuning are simply impossible to finish in just 8 days. One of the interesting secrets claims that some of the cars lost value since they were completely changed. What a bummer! There were many celebrities that underwent a Foose overhaul; however, most of them gave a negative feedback. But this tight schedule forced workers in his team to work hard day and night, sometimes even sleeping for less than couple of hours. There were even some customers, who were not happy during the restoration process!

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