Check Out This Insane Deep Diving With A Cam Am Quad!

Just when a man starts to think that he had seen it all and there is nothing out there some crazy dudes could possibly do that can surprise me, another totally insane video is popping out of nowhere and leaves us all with our jaws on the floor. Get ready to see one of the most challenging attempts done with a Cam Am Quad, or with any type of off-road vehicle for that matter.

So, what we have here is a group of guys who were `cruising` their outlanders through a woodsy and swampy area, when they ran into a sort of canal, deep and tricky, kind of like a swamp. And we can see one of the guys with his Cam Am Outlander trying to cross over it, but actually ends up taking a deep dive in.

From the little info that we have about the Cam Am Quad video, the guy is suppose to be having some axle problems, but however the case is, I doubt that he was enjoying this ordeal.

You can see it at the beginning that there are other guys, waiting on their turn to do the `same thing` but I don`t know what are they planning after this. It is rather a funny video than something that will make you feel exited and thrilled.

The only suspense in it is whether the guy will survive the swamp thing or not. Anyway, check out these crazy quad tours! 

Enjoy the video below!

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