INDOOR Drifting Gymkhana In Hungary! Published on Feb 12, 2014!

Check this amazing INDOOR Drifting Gymkhana In Hungary that was Published on Feb 12, 2014!

Welcome to the greatest car, moto and tuning show in Hungary -- Gymkhana! This event takes place at Hungexpo in the state`s capital, Budapest. What`s so unique about this event is the fact that it is the host of the FIRST EVER INDOOR RACE! Sounds really exciting, and believe us, it is! Very extraordinary way of racing, even for the drivers, requiring special set of skills that will keep you away from the pillars. Hitting them means game over. The main challenge for the participants is the space, i.e. the narrow track as well as the right traction sections. Also, hear what the racers have to say for this event.

Enjoy the video below!

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