The Ultimate Impact Wrench Comparison! Snap-on MG725 VS Earthquake XT Harbor Freight! Find Out Which One Fares Better!

Hello fellow gearheads! In this one, we have a side-by-side half-inch pneumatic impact wrench comparison video. We have the Snap-on MG725 and the Harbor Freight Earthquake XT. The review is made by a guy from the YouTube channel -- Real Tool Reviews. HeĀ is reviewing the different features that each of the impact wrenches have, but he is also doing some torque testing, a measure dynamic torque as well as working torque. You can also see which impact wrench is more powerful in both forward and reverse. The numbers were very consistent with each impact wrench through each run.

Starting out with the Snap-on in forward, it had an average of 60,167 pounds of bolt tension. The maximum working torque after 15 seconds runtime in forward is 860 foot-pounds. The Earthquake on the other hand, it had an average of 60,833 of bolt tension. Its maximum forward working torque is coming in at 869 foot-pounds. In reverse, the numbers were increased with the Snap-on having an average of 70,176 of bolt tension. Its maximum reverse working torque comes in at 1002 foot-pounds. The Earthquake has 70,000 pounds of bolt tension with a maximum reverse working torque at 1000 foot-pounds. Scroll below and take a look at this very cool impact wrench comparison video.

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